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The ramparts and the borough of Christianshavn then a separate city were established in by King Christian IV by reclaiming the low beaches and islets between Copenhagen and Amager.

After the siege of Copenhagen during the Second Northern Warthe ramparts were reinforced during to under Christian V to form a complete defense hashhandel.

The western ramparts of Copenhagen were demolished during the 19th century, but those of Christianshavn were allowed to remain. They are hashhandel considered among the finest surviving 17th century defence works in the world. Less used after World War II, the barracks were abandoned between and The adjacent area to the north, Holmenwas Denmark's main naval base until the s.

It is an area in development, home to the new Copenhagen Opera Hashhandel not to be confused with the first and still existing venue called "Operaen", a concert venue in Christiania and schools.

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An area further north is still used by the navybut open to the public during daytime. Hashhandel outermost defence line, Enveloppen, has been renamed Dyssen in Christiania language except for the southernmost tip of it which was not annexed by Christiania.

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Four hashhandel storehouses line the redans. The buildings are renamed Aircondition, Autogena, Fakirskolen The Fakir School and Kosmiske Blomst Cosmic Flower and have, although protected, been slightly altered from their historical state. In total, 29 World War II criminals were executed on the site. Building and area protection[ edit ] Glass house in Freetown Christiania, one of the many idiosyncratic constructions exemplifying modern "architecture without architects".


Inthe National Heritage Agency proposed protection status for some of the ancient military buildings, now in Christiania. Some of the historic buildings were altered after Christiania's takeover.

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On 4 Septemberinhabitants of the surrounding neighborhood broke down the fence to take over parts of the unused area as a playground for their children. Although the takeover was not necessarily organized in the beginning, some claim this happened as a protest against the Danish government.


At the time there was a lack of affordable housing in Copenhagen. On 26 SeptemberChristiania was declared open by Jacob Ludvigsena well-known provo and journalist who published a magazine called Hovedbladet 'The main paper'which was intended for and successfully distributed to mostly young people.

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In the paper, Ludvigsen wrote an article in which he and five others explored what he termed 'The Forbidden Hashhandel of the Military'. The article widely announced the proclamation of the free town, and among other things he wrote hashhandel following under the headline Civilians conquered the 'forbidden city' of the military: [11] Christiania is the land of the settlers.



It is the biggest opportunity so far to build up a society from scratch - while nevertheless still incorporating the remaining constructions. Own electricity plant, a bath-house, a giant athletics building, where all the seekers of peace could have their grand meditation - and yoga center.

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Halls where theater groups can feel at home. Hashhandel for the stoners who are too paranoid and weak to participate in the race