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Demystifying an Italian Wine Label Great wine! What am I drinking? I often hear this from clients unfamiliar with Italian wines.

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They closely inspect the labels but see nothing that they recognize as the name of a grape varietal that has crossed their palate before. Traditional California wine labels prominently place the variety, e.

Only 30 will be admitted. Student Attitudes East and West One of the significant differences between the cultures of the East and West is their general attitudes about teachers and education.

Zinfandel, in a grand font where your eyes can instantly lock on. Add the constro buz verdienen geld im internet name, vintage, perhaps the appellation, and you essentially have a complete brand label. So what makes old world wine labels so intimidating for some?

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And, the names are displayed prominently, and proudly, on the brand labels. For example, Barolo, the King of Wines and the Wine of Kings, is the famous district in the Piemonte region where these wines originate.

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Barolo wines are some of the most reknown red wines of Italy, and often most expensive. You just have to know that is the varietal for Barolo wines. Similarly, Barbaresco NebbioloBrunello di Montalcino SangioveseVino di Nobile Montepulciano Sangioveseand Valpolicella blend of ancient varietals are proudly flying the designations of their famous districts and not the varietals.

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Taste the two wines side-by-side and the differences will be permanently etched on your palate, as they have strikingly different characteristics. Corrado De Anglis Corvi produces a reserve big red, Montepulciano, from the Abuzzo region in the classified district of Colline Teramane. Montepulicano is commonly confused with another Italian wine—Vino di Nobile Montepulciano.

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Why the confusion? Confused yet? Recall that the Italian wine classification scheme has four tiers.

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As you experience wines from the lower tiers, IGT- IndicazioneGeografica Tipica, and VDT-Vino di Tavola aka table winelabeling requirements are relaxed and you will notice a great deal less information included on the labels.

Much of the mystery in Old World wine labels comes down to a lack of familiarity with the hundreds of varietals grown outside the U.

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Then pour a glass and get to know a new varietal.